On October 16 there was a special broadcast of Dj Marco and Dj Igor together.

They had renamed themselves "Duo Rotten en Annoying".

The question was long; who is Rotten and who Annoying ... but at the end of the show they were out.

Dj Igor was Rotten and Dj Marco Annoying ..... it was a crazy show!

Lady's night was despite the warm weather a big succes! 

A lot of listners made there requests and the lady's played them all!! There was a lot of laughs!

We hope to redo this soon when the temperatuer dops, keep your eye on our site!

Yvon is one of the regular listeners of AllRoundRadio and can also be found there regularly in the chat.

In the chat she is sometimes jokingly called "the witch from the south" by Walter and that's why she sent us this nice picture.

One of the loyal listeners of our Dj Petra is Walter. Walter motivated Petra at the time to start playing as a DJ.

That was already about 14 years ago. Together with Rosie, Walter always listened to the programs of Dj Petra.

Unfortunately, on March 18, 2020, Rosie is j.l. passed away. Here is a picture of Walter with his Rosie taken on their wedding day.

Rosie unfortunately never knew AllRoundRadio, but certainly would have listened. Rosie loved music.

When we play music, we still do this for Rosie.