On July 3, 2021, AllRoundRadio existed exactly 1 year.

This happy fact was celebrated with all the DJs together and a nice BBQ!

In between all the festivities, there was still a broadcast of DJ Petra. A very successful and enjoyable day!

On July 2, the evening before the one year anniversary of AllRoundRadio, a duo broadcast by DJ Petra and DJ Heidi could be heard.

As expected, it was a lot of fun and super fun!

On October 16 there was a special broadcast of Dj Marco and Dj Igor together.

They had renamed themselves "Duo Rotten en Annoying".

The question was long; who is Rotten and who Annoying ... but at the end of the show they were out.

Dj Igor was Rotten and Dj Marco Annoying ..... it was a crazy show!

Lady's night was despite the warm weather a big succes! 

A lot of listners made there requests and the lady's played them all!! There was a lot of laughs!

We hope to redo this soon when the temperatuer dops, keep your eye on our site!