Our DJ's

DJ Petra has been active as a DJ for years with a short stopover ... she got to know the music world at the age of 29 through her late husband Berry and became active as a DJ. She is also the owner of AllRoundRadio together with her partner Dj Igor.

DJ Igor is the builder of this site, responsible for the technical part of this station. Started in the mid eighties at a 'pirate' FM radiostation. When this became increasingly difficult, he stopped for years and is now active again via internet radio.

Dj Claudia has been active as a DJ for a number of years because of her love for music and therefore plays with great pleasure for the listeners. Dj Claudia is also the sister of Dj Petra.  

Hi, I'm DJ Brenda. I love varied music, anything but hardcore and classical. I have the music on every day and then I enjoy it. I often enjoy singing along with the music. My favorite music is the 80's. My favorite artists are: John Denver, Gloria Estefan, Wolter Kroes, Davina Michelle. 


DJ Patrick was already involved in music in his younger years and mainly played drive-ins ... in addition to his love for music, DJ-Patrick is a truck driver through and through. DJ-Petra later brought him in on the internet radio and also worked together for many duo hours, entertaining the listeners and played their crazy programs full of humor. DJ Patrick is also devoted to Country Music.